Relocation services for expat

Human Entrance to take over Relocation Services from the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

As of May 5, 2014, the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce no longer provides relocation services. Current assignments will be transferred to the company Human Entrance AB, who will handle all new enquiries from this date onwards. The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce will continue to play an active part in supporting International employees in West Sweden through its Global Community network, and through publishing key issues related to the target group.

Ongoing relocation assignments will be handled by Human Entrance AB from now on. A seamless transfer will be ensured by closely involving the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce employees who, until now, have worked with our relocation assignments. This means that for the next six months, the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce relocation team will be based at Human Entrance's Gothenburg office. All new enquiries from clients will also be referred to Human Entrance.

The decision to discontinue the provision of relocation services is based on a desire to consolidate the services offered by the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce. Recent changes in the market, such as the increase of global contracts, have also played a part.

International employees and the talent they represent will continue to be very important for the West Sweden Chamber and Commerce. Focus will be placed on developing our International network Global Community as well as on continuing our work with political influence and lobbying.

For any inquiries, please contact: Human Entrance