Executive Network

In need of a forum for international leaders and decision-makers?

In our Executive Network, we match international leaders and decision-makers working globally in international companies located in West Sweden.

Strong leaders, strong companies

Decision-makers benefit from having a forum for discussion and for exchanging experience and knowledge. By meeting other managers, opportunities are created for development – both for you as an individual and for the organization you lead. Participants learn from one another and are challenged to think creatively and find new approaches. 

The forum has an extra dimension in that discussions are held in English with participants from diverse business and cultural backgrounds. The common challenges and opportunities raised by doing business with people and/or companies with very different business and cultural reference points to your own naturally permeates all aspects of the discussions. 

Our concept is based on having well put-together work groups led by a professional moderator. Participants contribute with their knowledge and experience using pertinent cases and/or challenges from their daily work. 

Benefits to you and your organization

  1. Your own toolbox – your personal management book.
  2. Benchmark that provides concrete benefits related to business processes and strategic challenges.
  3. Support for international managers/specialists in leadership in a global environment.
  4. Exposure to a creative, inspirational and free-thinking environment. Eye-openers and aha moments! 
  5. Time for reflection and the opportunity to talk freely and openly in a neutral forum.

Want to know more? Contact our colleague Malin Lundvall.