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Are you involved in the strategic development of your company? Are your decisions crucial for your company’s future?  

We understand the challenges involved in keeping up with today's rapid pace of change. Increased globalization and rapid technological and digital development are putting current business models under great pressure. If companies are to survive and prosper, they must constantly learn, adapt and innovate.

In this network, senior managers and executives meet to discuss and reflect over these challenges. Given the collective knowledge and experience of the group, participants can expect to gain valuable new perspectives and insights enabling them to optimize their own business strategies to better meet their challenges.


Each group consists of 10 to 15 participants from different companies. Together with a professional facilitator, the group decides on their focus and the topics they wish to discuss.

  • Business models of the future
  • Digital transformation
  • Transformative leadership
  • Sustainable business development
  • The impact of global trends


Groups are carefully put together to ensure you get the best out of the network. We match similarities in roles and challenges with differences in background and experience to make a positive group dynamic. New group members are always presented to existing members in advance to ensure no conflicts of interest between participants. All meetings are held in strict confidence.

Feel free to contact our colleague Zandra Lövgren Skoglund to sign up or find out more!

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