Sofia Granath

Having worked with some of the leading companies in the world in sales, R&D & consultancy for mission critical connectivity, software & embedded systems for IoT and autonomous driving intelligence, Sofia has had a frontline seat to the rise of of digital business and creation of software and data as a service, the new competitive edge for companies. In her different roles, Sofia continues to push the boundaries of digital transformation and unlock the value of digital services.

Sofia has a firm conviction that people and processes triumph business models, meaning we need to design technology, business & operations with users needs & expectations as well as maturity of the processes and governance. The new leadership in sales, product or technology need to be curious, multi disciplinary and continuous learning, paving the road ahead by uncovering perspectives not known in our core operations. Most business landscapes are like never before in a cross section of digital lifestyle & behaviour, technology evolution on all levels, new business models where ownership is transformed to usership and global reach is more complex than ever before due to regulations and politics.

You can count on Sofias support in helping your organisation to understand and live in the new landscape. In her current responsibility as member of management team for WirelessCar, Heading Strategy, Product management & Partnership Sofia believes strategy need to make people smarter and boost the compassion towards the vision. The offerings and business decisions have the same approach: actionable data-driven decision supports at our hands, allow us to put time on things that bring value and make a difference for real.


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