Evelina Lindgren

My vision is to create a sustainable, successful, and profitable business and at the same time provide a workplace where people are happy, having fun and know that they are contributing to the business. 

My career has, since I graduated from Högskolan Väst 2007, been at aPak AB. I started out as a customer support and from there I got promoted to support manager. After showing interest in logistics I got the opportunity to become a logistic manager. At this time I also spent six months studying logistics, material handling and the delivery chain while still working.

I started as a VP in 2012 and on the 1st of January 2015 I took over as Managing Director. During my time as a VP and MD I have led the merger of two different brands (before aPak we were A-förpackning and Bröderna Ljungquist), I have implemented new ways of working which has increased the motivation and commitment of the employees.

During my five years as MD we have gone from a turnover of 278 million SEK to 550 million SEK, and with an increased profitability increase of appr 700 %. Since 2019 I’m also the Managing director of Econopack AB, where I have been a part of turning a negative trend around and increased profitability significantly in a short amount of time. I'm today board member in two different boards; S-pack AB and Zcooly AB. 


Endast 19 procent av ledamöterna i västsvenska styrelser är kvinnor. Med Styrelselistan arbetar vi aktivt för att främja innovation och lönsamhet i företagen genom mer jämställda styrelser.

Vi är med och stödjer Styrelselistan.