Anne-Lie Lind

As an Executive leader, I have great experience of running global organizations in different segments and a proven track record of delivering sustainable results. Building strong teams and with an eye towards the future I deliver new business opportunities with high customer value. I am analytical, energetic and result driven.

Leading transformation has often been a key element in many of my positions. My guiding stars are Customer first, respect for the individual and eliminate waste. Since many years back, I have also had different board assignments. With my background, I am strong in both strategy and execution.

I have practiced Lean in many years and it is now a part of my management philosophy how we should bring more customer value through a learning organization and continuous improvements. Together with my customer focus, I have a strong passion for innovation and operational excellence.


Endast 19 procent av ledamöterna i västsvenska styrelser är kvinnor. Med Styrelselistan arbetar vi aktivt för att främja innovation och lönsamhet i företagen genom mer jämställda styrelser.

Vi är med och stödjer Styrelselistan.