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End to end - Supply Chain Thinking and Working

Don’t get left behind – learn what leading international companies have achieved through adopting an End-To-End mindset, a decisive competitive advantage for both the manufacturing industry as well as the service sector.

The world has changed enormously in the last 10 years. Consumers know they can have what they want. This change is driving similar behaviour in industry. Manufacturers need to respond to this consumer demand as effectively as they can, which means huge changes in the way they work. An E2E flow mindset in any company will increase speed, reduce lead time, reduce waste between functions and most importantly, increase profit. 


Hugh Williams, from the EFESO office, Paris

This seminar will be held in english and is open to employees of member companies.  If your company is not yet a member, please contact Stina Jernhed to either come as a guest or find out more about membership.

If you are unsure whether you company is a member or not, please use our search function.

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Seminariet äger rum hos Västsvenska Handelskammaren

Parkgatan 49, Göteborg