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Get ready for Brexit

The countdown has begun. The UK is leaving the European Union. Hear what we at the Chamber have to say and what we plan to do to support our members with preparation for this major event.

The United Kingdom is scheduled to depart the European Union at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019. An adiditional transition period has just been agreed upon until 31 December 2020 but the clock is now ticking for companies who trade with the UK to prepare for new customs procedures and new border documentation, to plan for supply chain disruptions, to prepare contingency plans and see over existing contracts and agreements.

To what extent Swedish businesses will be affected is as yet unknown but there is no doubt that the effects will be substantial and that they will depend on a variey of factors such as the trade agreements settled for, the sector your company operates in and the nature of current contracts. 

In order to minimize the effects for our member companies and to help them prepare for the changes, we plan to offer comprehensive support in the following ways:

  1. Expert help within customs, legal issues and political influence
  2. Networking and benchmarking opportunities with other companies exposed to Brexit
  3. The latest updates on the ongoing negotations beween the UK and EU and how these decisions will impact Swedish businesses.

Our team of experts

Public Affairs: Mr Dominque Orsini, CEO Political Edge (Brussels)
Legal Issues: Mr Erik Lagerlöf, Associate Vinge Advokatfirman and Professor of Law, Stockholm School of Economics
Customs Issues: Mr Peter Hellman, Senior Customs Expert, West Sweden Chamber of Commerce

Find out more about how we plan to offer this support at the information meeting on 2 maj.

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Parkgatan 49, Göteborg

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