Looking for a forum for leaders & decision-makers?

Join our international network designed for senior managers working for larger companies in the region handling budget issues, strategic business development and global challenges.

The issues facing global companies today provide the topics for discussion in our strategy groups for senior management. Receive feedback on a real situation or contribute input to help solve another companies' challenges. The meetings are structured according to proven methods and give the opportunity for confidential discussions - what is said in the group, stays in the group.

Develop strategies during round table discussions

Round table discussions deal with real-life situations being experienced by you and/or other participants in the group and offer the opportunity to develop strategies for these situations. Depending on a group's particular areas of interest, relevant experts will be invited to the meetings. In addition, our own experts at the Chamber are more than willing to take part in meetings and update the group on issues relating to trade, regional economic development and updates on pertinent challenges facing businesses.

Naturally, all meetings are held in the strictest of confidence and we ensure that there are no conflicts of interest among participants.

examples of topics for discussion

  1. Which strategies and approaches are necessary for growth and entering into new markets?
  2. Organisational development and how to achieve harmony between the Board, the Management Team and the Owners.
  3. Business intelligence and the importance of strategic planning.

be inspired by prominent leaders

"Oss Emellan" is a VIP event for all networkers at the Chamber which is held several times a year. Prominent leaders and relevant politicians discuss topical issues before an audience of 150 networkers.

  • Insight into business politics and Sweden's most exciting companies
  • Mingle with participants of all the Chambers’ different networks


In order for you to get the best out of the network we match you with a group of participants with similar challenges to your own.  New group members are always presented to existing members in advance. 

Feel free to contact our colleague Jaana Alatalo to sign up or find out more!